Hydro Shoot – 480x240x200 – revision 2.0


Reference: HS480W
Revision: R2.00
Weight: 24.5kg
Dimensions: 475cm x 240cm x 200cm
Water Tray: 4x WT240W
Socks: 4x Ventilation �380mm
Cable Socks: 4x CF7D �75mm
Handling 10x Lighting holders and filter included, supporting up to 5kg
Length: 120cm
Lighting Advised

Intensive: 8x HPS 600W
Regular: 8x HPS 400W
Volume Tent: 22.4m3

Extraction advised

HPS/HOT (Every 30 to 60 sec) :
Extraction 2685m3/h
Intake 1343m3/h

LED/COLD (Every 1 to 2 min) :
Extraction 1345m3/h
Intake 673m3/h


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